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Geoff Davies

Yet another example of the incomparable 5 star+ service customers of Goulds invariably receive. Our elderly Samsung TV (supplied originally by Goulds and hitherto trouble free) decided it no longer wished to sing! Within an hour of an "emergency" phone call "Doctor" Don - consultant televisionist par excellence arrived and after a brief examination pronounced it lifeless though he wished to carry out an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Less than 24 hours later a phone call confirming the diagnosis, that it was beyond resuscitation. Apparently an attempted organ (er...fuse) transplant almost led to the destruction of the workshop! A preferred replacement was out of stock - though delivery expected. A few days later no less than 3 phone calls/voice mail messages from the super efficient Jan (we were out for the day) and a very pleasant half hour or so at the store with Sue resulted in a further visit from Dr. Don (with assistant) at a time of our choosing and the installation of a superb new Panasonic. Why bother with on-line shopping, super stores with expensive TV adverts (paid for by the customer), catalogues and harrassed delivery drivers when you have on your doorstep such excellent service by friendly, helpful staff who make you feel "special" as a customer and supply products at prices comparable with the so-called "big boys"? Disappearance of such a "treasure" would be very much our loss and unlikely ever to be replaced.
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